logo of anera, a stylized picture depicting a sunrise with the company name in the middle


Anera Interactive is a fresh, passionate game studio based in Hamburg, Germany. 

Our small team aims to combine the fields of education and entertainment by developing engaging and meaningful interactive experiences. 

Our goal is to enhance the experience of all types of interactive games by combining an educational core with typical video game elements. 

We aim to usher in a new era of games with a meaningful background that engages and educates players about a variety of interesting and important topics.

The TransitieGame

Video abspielen

TransitieGame is a versatile serious game connecting the stakeholders of a business park in a workshop, introducing them to the topic of sustainability and the available options. The game itself is a mere tool, used to facilitate the learning and get the players to collaborate to achieve the best results. It keeps to the background, while the actual game is happening during the discussion amongst the players on what to do with available resources, what measures to take, and what problems to solve.



Thank you to everyone who came to see and talk to us at the 3rd Transitiemakers anniversary! There were many other great tools helping with Sustainability on business parks to see! It was a great time.


In December we had the great opportunity to join the Naturlijk (Nature) congress in Zwolle. It was a resounding Success!


We are reworking the Game for a web version. Our current prediction is that early 2024 you will be able to play the game just in your browser with YOUR Team in a workshop!